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Protection Of Mineral Deposits

The cafedera provides training at the educational qualifications level of the baccalaureate in the following occupations:

Geology with specialization of geological surveying, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits (GR).

The Caphetare " Minerals and Environmental Geology " (PIG) was established in 1951 at the initiative of I. L. Nikolski, which predates 1977. Prior to 1999, the cafeteria was called " Exploration of mineral deposits " (IDPs), followed by a change in the name of the new Ecological Geology in 1996.

The geology department was organized in 1931 to provide geological training for mining specialists. In the short term, a geological and mineral museum, substantive offices and laboratories were established in the cafeteria. In 1937, members of the International Geological Congress, during the guided tour of Donbass, visited the institution and premises of the cafeteria and expressed their admiration for the rich exponents of the museum and the equipment of laboratories. Professor P. F. Churin was the founder of the cafeteria and her first supervisor.

Area of activity of geological graduates:

  • Work in geologic expeditions, engineering and geologic parties, mining enterprises - mines, mines, mines, careers;
  • Work in firms and shareholders, joint ventures to extract, process and use all minerals;
  • Design research institutes;
  • Search and extraction of mineral waters;
  • engineering for building and construction;
  • mining Open and underground;
  • Reassessments and counting of mineral resources;
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