Древние медные рудники

Foreign Mining

Древних женщин вывели генетики-пришельцы?. 22326.jpegAccording to what is written in the Bible, God created Eve from the first man's rib, Adam. A number of modern researchers believe that this myth is not justified at all. Thus, there are theories that the first women on Earth have come from aliens. But men could have been aliens from another planet.

About 80 years ago, American anthropologists Lin and Berger explored cave skeletons and ancient primates to make a comparative analysis. They were surprised that women's skeletons were more like monkeys, and it seems that women were initially motivated to move on four limbs... While men were certainly direct from the beginning.

The researchers have put forward a curious hypothesis: about 59,000 years ago, an alien ship on which only men were on board arrived at Earth. Because they needed women, the monkeys were dead. This explains the significant differences in the construction of male and female organisms.

Why weren't there any foreign women? There might be some explanation. For example, they were criminals who were sent to our planet. Or landing on Earth was forced to say there was a riot on the ship or an accident... Maybe it was a scientific expedition that, for some reason, couldn't return to his home planet...

Humanoids were probably in possession of genetic technologies, so they were able to raise local primates with fours and turn them into humans. However, in future generations, the original people may have degraded and lost most of the knowledge they received from their ancestors. So the true history of human origin has never come to us.

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