Solid Mineral Deposits

This was reported by the Head of the Ministry of Nature of Russia, Sergei Donsky, speaking at the key session of the Nedra: Mining and Processing, in the Eastern Economic Forum on 3 September 2015, in Vladivostok (Primoros).

In a report on " The development and use of the Far East minerals base " , S. Donski presented relevant issues of non-exploitation, development projects mineral deposits In the Far East, as well as the competitive advantages of Russia ' s mineral resources in the world arena.

The Head of the Ministry of Nature of Russia emphasized that the Russian Federation had taken the lead on the resources of key minerals from the world industry: " Over the past five years, there has been an expanded and simple reproduction of key solid minerals, including titanium, molybden, uranium, tungsten, copper, nique, cement cheese and ore gold. The increase in mineral reserves is particularly important, as Russia ' s production reached its third place in the world after China and Australia, ahead of the United States, and reported it.

According to S. Donsky, more than 270 solid mineral deposits were recovered during this period. In the subsoils of the Far East of the Russian Federation, large and unique deposits have been scattered, and significant balance sheets of diamonds, gold, silver, tin, tungsten, broth have been identified.

The Head of the Ministry of Nature of Russia noted the continued interest of non-Drivers in auctions and tenders for subsoil areas. In particular, over the past three years, including eight months of this year, the tenders have provided about 400 subdistricts containing significant stocks and resources of stone coal, ore and slush gold, tin and other minerals. During the remainder of this year and 2016, a number of auctions and tenders are planned for subsoil areas containing stocks and resources of gold, serbs, copper, coal.

" We are interested in broad participation in the bidding of both private domestic and foreign investors " , reported by S. Donski.

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