Полезные ископаемые Южной

Landing Minerals

DESIGN COMMODS (a. sedimentary rocks; n. Sedimentargesteine, Sedimentgesteine; f. roches sedimentaires; and. rocas sedimentarios, rocas de lecho sedimentario) - Mountain species originating from the deposition of substances in the aquatic environment, less from air and from ice on the surface of the ocean, The planting may take place by mechanical means (under the influence of gravity and changes in environmental dynamics), chemical (from water solutions when they reach absorption concentrations and from exchange reactions) and biogenic (under the influence of organisms). Depending on the nature of the deposition, the debris, chemical and organic (big) are divided.

The source of the substance for the formation of sedimentary rocks is: the products of venting magmatical, metamorphic and older sedimentary rocks that sow the Earth ' s crust; water-solubbered components; gases, various substances that arise from organisms ' activities; volcano material (solid particles, volcanic eruptions, hot water surfaces). In modern oceanic sediments (red deep-sea glina, il et al) and ancient sediments, space material (small balls of nickel gland, silica balls, etc.) is also found.

In addition, the sedimentary mountain species tend to have organic residues (age and animal origin), synchronized time of their formation, less ancient (remote). Some sedimentary rocks (limestones, coals, diatomits, etc.) are entirely organic. The particle size (green), their shape and reciprocal combination determine the structure of sedimentary mountain species.

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