Полезные ископаемые

Minerals And Their Deposits

The pavilion of the border, located 15 kilometres south-east of the town of Pavlovsk, has been opened by a career from 1976. The quarry mining combination produces high-quality construction materials, ranging from a variety of fractions to a total of up to 8 million m3 per year.

Minerals The staircase.

Полезные ископаемые Воронежской областиStock-coloured raw materials are found among the sediments of the virgin period: white quartile crystals, brown fallerite, barite.

Latne fire-fighting clay, 15 kilometres west of Voronez, has been operating since 1900. There are clays to produce ceramics and fireworks.

Caolin cheese is used in the paper and rubber industry. Most of this resource is now being imported from Ukraine. The sand-caolin mumone in the south-east of the Voronez region is the source of the caolin glin in which Russia is in deficit. Further development of this deposit will help to meet the needs of the country.

The use of benthonite clays in many industries is based on the properties of the Montmorillonite in these glints. The Nicole Bentonite Glin is being developed in the Voronez region since 1998.

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