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Oil Deposits Useful Fossil Fuels

Нефть и газOil is called a burning oily liquid, red brown or black, with a specific smell. Oil is one of the most important minerals on Earth as it produces the most current fuels. Normally, oil is formed along with another, equally important mineral, natural gas. These two types of minerals are therefore very often extracted in the same place. The air may lie deep from a few dozen metres to six kilometres, but it is most commonly located at a depth of 1-3 km. Natural gas is referred to as a gas mixture formed by decomposition of organic substances. It is located in the Earth ' s subsoils in the gas state, in the form of separate accumulations, in the form of oil caps of oil and gas fields, and in soluble condition (oil and water).

Нефть и газ

To date, several dozen oil and gas fields have been opened in Russia. Most of them are concentrated in Arctic sea subsoils, where their development is complicated by complex climatic conditions. There is also a problem of the transport of oil and gas to their processing sites. In this regard, development is carried out only on the Sakhalin shelf, as well as in the mainland of Russia, where there are also fairly rich oil, gas and oil fields. In the mainland of Russia, most oil and gas fields are concentrated in Siberia and the Far East.

The most known oil and gas fields in Russia:

Greenhouse natural gas. This is the second largest gas deposit in the world. Gas rounds are over 10 trillion cubic metres. This location is located in Yamalo-Nenec in the autonomous region of the Tymen region of Russia, just south of the northern polar circle. The name of the deposit was the nearby Urenga village. After the discovery of the deposit, the whole new Urenga work city has grown here. The deposit was opened in 1966 and gas production began in 1978.

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