Maintenance Of Mining Equipment


Upgrading and maintenance of the OGR site (CAT-D9R, D6R, 988H, SBC 250; Kamatsu - PC 750, PC 2000; Belaz 7555B; DZ98; Kamaz, PAZ, UAZ).

♪ Maintenance and repair of the site 's equipment in order to reduce simplicity.

♪ Restoration in emergency cases at any time of the day, including weekends and holidays.

* Application of new equipment, progressive technology, increased capacity, spare parts and materials savings, mechanization, automation and equipment modernization.


Certificate/graduate certificate, 3-year experience, nodes and aggregates, catalogues and technical literature.

Additional courses are desirable for the repair of hydraulic, electrical, equipment for SAT, BELAS, CAMAZ, DZ, the identification of a tractor, the authorization of the handling of goods vehicles


2 ms./2 ms in the Nikolaevska-na-Amur area Habarov Provincethe seat of the White Mountain.

Official employment under R.F. labour law.

In the area of work, accommodation is provided in a well-built dormitory, three-time meals and special clothing, and travel is compensated by the terrestrial mode.

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