горное предприятие по

Mining Enterprise

The assessment of extractive industries and deposits is unique. The main activity of which is mining is different from that of other enterprises, which does not buy raw materials for the production of its products, but rather extracts it from the subsoil.

Just as the normal factory, the extractive enterprise usually owns equipment, real estate, vehicles and other assets. The main features of the assets of the ordinary and extractive enterprise are the right to use the designated sub-division. It is the terms of this licence that, in most part, determine the scope and cost of the extractive enterprise.

In evaluating the extractive enterprise, the conditions of the licence to use the subsoil are analysed and a model of the enterprise 's cash flows for the projection period selected.

In estimating potential mining potentials at the estimated location, it must be taken into account that disbanded deposits are almost always heterogeneous, some of them need to be taken into account with some adjustment in the calculation of the projected output. In addition, stocks may differ in terms of recovery and some other parameters, which should also be taken into account in the production forecasts.

Another feature of the assessment of deposits and extractive industries is the length of the forecast period. The development of the deposit may take decades and licences to use the subsoil are usually issued for more than 10 years. Accordingly, this particularity of extractive industries should be taken into account in determining the duration of the projection period.

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