Ремонт горно-шахтного

Repair Of Mining Equipment

Maintenance and repair of underground equipment (electronic, lifting, etc.)


A qualification certificate 4-6 of the sub-ground refrigeration and maintenance of equipment, or the HSS repair and maintenance tracker, knowledge of mining equipment, experience underground conditions. Preferably secondary vocational or higher education in the direction ofand equipment"Ground mechanization of IFI development, technical mechanic qualification, gambling engineers."

At least 3 years of experience

We propose:

Location in comfortable dormitories

There are conditions for rest and sports.

Monthly and quarterly awards and annual remuneration are paid.

Availability method 45/45 compensation for travel to the workplace.


Rudnik Holbinski operates the Zun-Holbin deposit. The Holbinski Rudnik is located in eastern Sayanah, in the south-western part of the Republic of Buryatia, in Samart and Zun-Holba Okinsk areas, in height 1980 m, (315 km west of the Kultuk East Siberian Railway station). The transport connection to the mine is carried out on a round-trip road, most of which is asphalt.

Ore extraction is carried out on the steel and mine horizons. Mining ore and concentrate are converted into a gold-star factory and a hydrometallurgy plant located in the mine 's landing. Products are gold-reduced metals destined for affinage.

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