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Main Areas Of The Afrika Mining Industry

Africa ' s reliable fuel and energy supplies are estimated by the World Energy Conference to exceed 60 billion tons of conditional fuel. The main oil reserves are concentrated in Libya, Nigeria, Algeria, Gabon, Egypt, natural gas in Algeria, Libya, stone-cold coal in UAR, uranium (recalling uranium oxide) in South Africa, Namibia, a little in Niger and Gabon. The hydro resources of the DRC, Mozambique, Madagascar are the best available.

Inequalities in the location of energy resources also affect the development of electricity. About a quarter of Africa ' s countries lack industrial energy. ECOs play an important role in the rivers of Nile, Zambezi, Volta, Congo and heat stations, in 15 countries they are the only source of energy.

Exports of electricity on a large scale are carried out only by Mozambique from SAAR. In small quantities, electricity is exported from Uganda to Kenya and from Ghana to Benin and Togo.

Africa ' s mining industry.

Africa ' s mining industry is one of the world ' s largest reserves and production of many valuable minerals and fuels. Africa is moving from 90 to 100 per cent of the raw materials produced. In many developing countries in Africa Mining is the basis for industrial capacity and exports. In Libya, 50 per cent of GNP, 55 per cent in Gabon, 33 per cent in the Congo.

Foreign capital is significant in this sector, with about 75 per cent of all foreign investment. Mining units, including mining and processing of ores, play a key role. Most of the capacity is concentrated in South Africa and parts of Central and West Africa.

The production of iron ore (UAR, Liberia, Mauritania), manganese ores (UAR, Gabon), titan (YAR, Sierra Leone), chromites (UAR), cobalt and copper (DRC, Zambia), boxit (Guinea), lead and zinc (Morocco, Namibia), mercury (Algeria), gold, silver, platinum, diamonds (U) is of paramount importance. The region is also divided into phosphates, asbestos, graphite, fluorita.

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