Electrical Refrigeration Of Mining Equipment

§ 87. Electrical service and repair of 3rd level equipment

Work description. Installation, dismantling, grounding, repair, testing and maintenance of the electrical part of simple machines, nodes and mechanisms, alarm and lighting devices, distribution, accessories and telephone networks. Repair and installation of electrical transmission airlines, installation of hazards. Movement of electrical transmission lines. Replacement and connection of monitors: amperms, voltmeters, manometers. Measurement of current, voltage in variable circuits and constant low voltage current. Landing structures. Vulcanization of flexible cables, writing. Battery charge, valley and replacement of electrolyte. The hinginging of signal devices, the replacement of electroplums, the electrical ammo. Inspection and repair Electrical Equipment Unautomated lamps. Inspection and maintenance of low voltage AC power engines. Carrying out the trail.

Need to know: designation, technical characteristics of serviced machines, electrical equipment, standards and volume of maintenance; base of electrical equipment, mounting; device and regulation of the technical operation of low voltage buses; primary switching rules for distribution devices and substations; power distribution network; technical requirements for the operation of serviced machines, electrical appliances; installation of power-walls

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