Other Mineral Production

In this April, a group of investors, together with several veterans of aerospace, established a new company, Planetary Resources, whose task is to develop the minerals contained in asteroids. " The scientific and technological breakthrough implies an exceptional commercial risk " , said by the co-chair of this launch, Peter Diamandis. The company is supported by pioneers in the technical field, such as Google Larry Paige, film director and inventor James Cameron, Microsoft Charles Simoni. Of course, all these people don't expect a quick return. " Asteroid flights will begin in a few years ' time - another co-chair, Eric Anderson - but we are planning our activities on the path towards the development of this industry. "

Planetary Resources is planning to build an entire fleet of small space telescopes, reducing the cost of each to at least $10 million. Such a strategy allows and supports for the failure of one machine. " It is necessary to put this work on the conveyer, which is said by Levitzki (formerly in the Reactivation Movement Laboratory, he was dealing with the subject of flights to Mars). - It would be wrong to invest all the money in one precious machine to wear it like a writer.

At this stage, the company will already make the first attempt to purchase its investment by renting Arkyd 100. Space-based telescopes may be of interest to both astronomers and scientists who would be interested in exploring the Earth ' s surface with a resolution of about 2 m at a picsel. The first of its Planetary Resources is planning to be launched by the end of 2013, and the cost of the lease will remain, the management of the company has not yet decided.

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