Основные нефтяные бассейны

Russian Mineral Deposits

A fine line of Russia 's mineral base is its complexity, consisting of virtually all minerals: fuel and energy resources (natural gas, natural gas, uranium); black metals (rural, manganese, chromium ores); non-ferrous metal varietys (frequent, porcine, zinc, raw materials) Russia possesses large stocks of diamonds (Yakutia), apathite salts

Iron ore is attached to the crystalline foundation of ancient platforms. The great deposits of iron ore in the Kur magnetic anomaly area, where the platform 's foundation is high and close the sediment cheek of relatively small power. It makes it possible to extract ore in careers. The different ores are also attached to the Baltic shield - iron, copper, nephene (used for aluminium and fertilizer production) and many others. The ancient platform on the Eastern European plain contains various minerals of sediment origin. The stone coal is extracted from the Pechora basin. There are substantial oil and gas reserves between Volgoi and Ural, Bashkiria and Tatariyah. Large deposits of gas are found in the bottom of Volga. In the north of the Pokaspian lowland, Lake Elton and Baskunchak, stone salt is extracted. In many parts of the Eastern European plains, limestones, stacks and construction sands, meals, hips and other mineral resources are extracted in the Mid-Russian, Privlaz, Volono-Podol regions.
LocationCountryOpening yearInitial recoverable stocks, billion m3World gas positioning
South Tambai1982100622
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