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Mining Field Testing

DEFINITION OF MEASUREMENTS (a. testing of deposits; N. Bemusterung der Lagerstatten; f. etude des gisements; and. invegastion de propiedades de yacimientos, invegastion de propiedades de depositos, estudio de propiedades de yacimientos, estudio de propiedades de depositos) The results provide the basis for the allocation and endurance of industrially valuable accumulations, natural and technological types and minerals, their stock counts, the conduct of exploration and maintenance, the choice of mineral processing, the definition of loss and degradation, measures for better use of the subsoil and the control of environmental pollution, and a number of other tasks (see). Endurance mineral deposits)

The field testing process is divided into three stages: sampling, processing and analysis (test). Samples are collected in the nudity, various mining and boreholes, both naturally and from smashed or stored masses. Three groups of mining sampling techniques are identified: point, linear and volume. The first is the case where the sample is presented by individual samples, the exact - the portions are cut off a certain network from the walls of mining, the peas - the portions are cut off on the grid from the surface of the cut ore or the rock in the bulk, the wagon, the car, etc. Representatives of the second group are painkiller and spur. The most common form of disease is in the practice of geologic exploration; it is the slaughtering or drinking of various sections and lengths depending on the capacity of the mineral body and the distribution of its constituents. The spur is the collection of material from the drilling of mining spurs or specially applied for testing. The third group consists of tidy and gross ways.

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