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Large Mineral Deposits

Russia has a strong and diverse natural and resource potential that can provide the necessary volumes of its own consumption and exports. Having a rich mineral base, the country is one of the first reserves of most natural resources, including natural gas, stone coal, iron ore, a number of non-ferrous and rare metals, apathites, etc.

To date, more than 20,000 people have opened up in our country. mineral deposits

The value of disbanded and previously estimated mineral reserves in Russia is estimated at $30 trillion.

If this estimate is recalculated in current course, the cost of Russian minerals will be 1,950 quadrillion roubles. This amount is 130 times the budget of Russia for 2015.

Experts estimate that the main share of the Russian mineral base (71 per cent) is fuel and energy resources provided by gas, coal, oil, 15 per cent non-finished raw materials, 13 per cent black and non-ferrous metals, and 1 per cent are diamonds and dragmetalls.

Submitted An interactive photograph of what is in Russia's suburbs? Gazeta.Ru describes large disbanded deposits that are not yet being developed for various reasons. The total value of these deposits exceeds $1 trillion. The present text provides an analysis of the situation in different mineral-based industries, including problems that hinder development.

Oil and gas

Russia has a significant potential for oil growth: its oil production reserves are 12,5 billion tons, and its projected resources with less knowledge are estimated at almost 50 billion tons. The divorced resource base is in principle sufficient to ensure annual production of up to 600 million tons of liquid hydrocarbons over the next 30 years, by the Minister of Natural Resources, Sergei Donski.

" The basic problem of exploration and extraction - the tax burden of the oil industry - is commented by the head of the SmallLetters Vitaly Krukov Analysis Company. - Mostly because oil taxes are oriented towards extraction and extraction (FDI) rather than end result. Oilers, by the way, have repeatedly offered to replace the profit tax, but the Government has instead decided to carry out the so-called tax manoeuvre: gradually reducing export duties, the authorities will increase the NDPI.

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