Значение газовой

Importance Of The Gas Industry

Карта топливно энергетического комплекса РоссииThe Fuel and Energy Complex (TEC) is a combination of industries related to the production and distribution of energy in its various forms and forms.

The TEC consists of various fuel industry (fuel industry), electricity and electricity transport and distribution industries.

The importance of the fuel and energy complex in our country ' s economy is great and not only because it provides fuel and energy to all sectors of the economy, no human activity is possible without energy, but also because it is the main supplier of the currency (40% is the share of fuel and energy resources in Russia ' s exports).

The fuel and energy balance (TEB) is an important indicator of the work of TEC.

Fuel-energy balance is the ratio of different fuels generated and used in the economy. The energy generated by fuel combustion varies, so it is converted to so-called imputed fuel, a combustion heat of 1 kg that is equal to 7,000 kcals to compare fuels. The so-called heat ratios shall be applied when converted into a fuel condition and multiplied by the number of fuels counted. For example, if 1 tons of stone coal is equal to 1 tons of fuel, the coefficient of coal is 1, oil is 1, 5, and the peat is 0, 5.

The ratio of different fuels to the country ' s REC is changing. Thus, if coal played a major role until the mid-1960s, the share of coal declined in the 1970s and oil increased (the Western Siberia deposits were opened). The share of oil is now declining and the share of gas is increasing (i.e. oil is more profitable as chemical).

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