Mineral Deposits Open


Hyps is used for medical purposes.

No deposits.

Gips used in cement industry

The hypox, which is not classified in the categories listed above, in accordance with MLA Regulation No. 71-p and the Om oblast Government No. 234-pp of the year, are classified as common minerals.


Bentonite Glins

The Lubin area is located in the Lubin district of Omsk province, 0, 5 km north of the p.m. Ljubinski, on the Ljubin City and Zameletov Rural Areas. Useful crowd (Npv) The potential for useful interpretation varies from 3, 9 to 8, 8m (average 7, 0m), excavated species from 1, 7m to 5m, 3m (average 2, 6 m).

Pilgorskit plates

Flame blades

Clays of acidificous

Clays used for porcelain-Fayan, metallurgical, lacrosive and cement industry, caolina

Cylinders not classified in the above categories, in accordance with MLA Regulation No. 71-p and the Om oblast Government No. 234-pp of the year, are classified as commonly distributed. minerals


Sand of shape

Steak sock

There's no self-defense. Stock sand stocks are accounted for as a by-productive mineral of Tarsky and Samson's slender circus-ilmenites. ♪ ♪

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