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Natural substances and energy, which are the means of subsistence of human society and are used in the economy, are referred to as

One of the natural resource varieties is mineral resources.

Mineral resources are mining and minerals that are used or can be used in the people ' s economy: for energy, raw materials, materials, etc. Mineral resources serve the country ' s mineral base. More than 200 minerals are currently used in the economy.

The term " useful fossils " was often synonymous with mineral resources.

There are several mineral classifications.

Based on physical characteristics, solid (various ores, coal, marble, granite, salt) mineral resources, liquid (oil, mineral water) and gaseous (gas, helium, methane) are provided.

Mineral resources are subdivided by origin into sediment, magmatical and metamorphic.

Mineral resources range from coal, peat, oil, natural gas, burner salans, ore (hards of minerals including metal useful components and non-metallic (graphite, asbestos) and non-metallic (or non-metallic, non-combustible: sands, glina, limestone, apathite). Separate groups are worth precious and divided stones.

The location of mineral resources on our planet is subject to geological law (table 1).

Mineral resources of sedimentary origin are most common to the platforms where they are found in the thickness of the sediment cheek, as well as in the precipitous and ripe flexes.

The magmatical mineral resources are adjacent to the warehouse areas and areas of exit (or close to the surface) of the crystalline foundation of the ancient platforms. This is due to the following. Ruds originated mainly from magma and emitted from hot water solutions. Normally, magma rises during active tectonic movements, so minerals are associated with warehouse areas. On the platform plains, they are attached to the foundation, so they can meet in parts of the platform where the sediment chip is small and the foundation is close to the surface or on board.

Mineral minerals Russian Federation

Table 1. Distribution of major mineral deposits by mainland and parts of light


Materials and parts of light



North America

South America












Gender and metals




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