развитие Чеченской

development of mineral deposits

The mineral base of industry is the resurrections of minerals in the subsoils of land identified in the geological survey. Thus, the mineral deposits identified are the basis of the micro-base.

Mineral resources, which under this level of science and technology development can be sufficiently effective, extracted from the subsoil and used in industrial production, are referred to as minerals.

The minerals used by industry are classified into three groups:

I. Hot fossils (coal, burning slans, peat, oil, natural gas).

II. Mineral minerals (black, non-ferrous, noble and rare metals).

III. Non-metallic minerals (base for chemical industry, construction materials, non-methtallic raw materials for iron and steel).

From an economic point of view, all habitats are primarily related to the quality of minerals and their quantity.

In terms of exploration and knowledge, mineral deposits are divided into three categories:

Category A stockpiles are well-recognized, undeclared and prepared for production and are intended for the operation of enterprises and for the design and construction of enterprises.

Category B reserves are geologically sound, relatively undeclared and endured mining and boreholes. They can be used as a basis for the design of the capital structure of mining enterprises.

Category C stockpiles have been less explored, need to be refined through detailed geologic work, and they are used for forward-looking mining and exploration planning.

In addition, stocks mineral deposits divided into two groups: geological and industrial. In turn, geological reserves are divided into balance sheets and balances.

Balance - Stocks which, at this level of science and technology development, can be extracted from the subsoil with sufficient efficiency.

Balance - Stocks that, from an economic point of view, are not suitable for extracting from the land. With the development of science and technology, with the emergence of new, more progressive technologies, balance sheets can be converted into balance sheets.

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