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Gas Industrial Plates

Industrial stove is an indispensable assistant in a professional kitchen

Aromat dish prepared in quality and speed is undeniable proof of cooking skills. However, much of the final result " depends on the equipment with which the culinar has to work. High-productive and cost-effective heat aggregates, producing different products and holding minimum places, are usually used to ensure a productive process in food production. Universal devices are profitable and convenient, and that's obvious. The modern market for skilled kitchen equipment offers many accessible, reliable and practical equipment, among which professional stoves are not obsolete.

Industrial stoves are the most common type of universal heat aggregates. Transfer to equipment with direct heating. On their working surface (as well as in hot cabinets, if designed), virtually all thermal processing of food can be carried out.

Equipment design features

The main constructive part of the stove is the comfort. The working surface may " accommodate different quantities of comfort, usually between one and six, round, rectangular or square. The bulk of them is meant for the veil, the heat and the extinguishing of products in the stove, but there are also those that allow food to be cooked directly on the rocked surface.

In gas stoves, confuses are commonly plague. Electric stoves for restaurants shall be equipped with either stunted connotations of different sizes and shapes or a full heating glazing surface. Induction stoves are characterized by a smooth flat surface without comfort.

The location and method of installation of the aggregation is defined by a specific model: desktops are located on a table or a special supply, stationary on the ground, in a designated location. There are also models on wheels to facilitate the movement of equipment in non-standard conditions.

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