Белгородские ученые

Mining Waste

Argimbaev K. R. Mining industrial waste and its use as an example of the Lebedinsk GOC//Young Scientist. ой 2011. ой No.6 T.1. ой C. 12-15.

Russia is a country with a developed industry with large volumes mining and waste generation through recycling. In the development of mineral deposits in an open way on the ground, excavated species that occupy vast land areas are formed. Productive raw materials are generally used in enrichment plants, resulting in the waste of the enrichment plant located in tailings. In Russia alone, more than 45 billion tons of waste of various classes of danger have been accumulated.

In recent years, the recovery and integrated use of raw materials from mining wastes has been a matter of national importance.

Thus, " Reproduction and use of natural resources " and " Environmental protection " are a long-term programme of the Russian Federation adopted by the Ministry of Natural Resources. These include additional measures to improve the efficiency of the use of mineral resources in the people ' s economy, one of whose objectives is the management of mining and metallurgical waste, and the development and implementation of activities that significantly reduce losses and increase the extraction of minerals and components in the extraction and processing of raw materials.

According to the existing classification, the waste originating from the natural properties of the ore - the pulmonary and scale autopsy, the tails of the enrichment are classified as waste. For example, the industrial waste of the Lebedinsk GOK relates to non-toxic waste, non-explosive, non-jaro-hazardous, non-residential, non-contaminational, non-contaminational and presented in Figure 1.

Rhys. 1 Mining offs of OAO " LLB "

The use of mining waste is possible in various areas of the economy. In the open development of deposits other than minerals, it may be possible to use and dump the excavated species in which such breeds as meal, limestone, sand, glyna, souglien, scalp.

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