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Useful Minerals

Venezuela has enormous natural resources, including fuel and wood.

Venezuela. The Andes mountain ranges in the west, Orinoccik plain in the centre and the Guiana flat in the east are located in the country. In the west, the plain of Orinoco (Lianos Orinoco) is a flat alluvial low of 40-150 m, in the east, up to 350 m of the plain with a wide delta of Orinoco. Andean ridges surrounding deep tectonic vegetation of lowlands and os. Maracaibo, connected by a strait (2-4 metres deep and 450 km long) with the Venezuelan Gulf. In the north, the Caribbean Andes (Mr. Naigsta, 2,765 metres) are prosperous.

Venezuelan Climat. The country is dominated by sub-equatorial cattle, rainy summer and dry winter, and in the south-west by equatorial, permanently wet. The average monthly temperature is between +25 °C and +29 °C, rainfall falls from 280 mm in the north-west to 2,000-3000 mm in the northern slopes of Andean ridges. The dry season lasts from December to April.

Rivers and lakes of Venezuela. The country ' s river network is dense and is mainly about the Orinoco basin. The rivers are mainly congenital and form large waterfalls (i.e. the highest in the world of Angel, the drop height of 1054 m). Lots of Orinoco tributaries. The Casikjare Canal Reka connects Orinoco with large Brazilian rivers. Maraquibo Lake Lagoon is the largest in the country. Its area is 16, 3,000 km2, depth to 250 m.

Venezuelan mineral resources. Venezuela ' s nucleus of oil and natural gas (3648 billion m3), iron and nickel ores, are manganese and wolfram ores, gold, diamonds, boxers, sulphur, asbestos, etc. In terms of oil reserves (10,8 billion tons), Venezuela ranks first in Latin America and the eighth largest in the world (Oz Maraquibo, the Gulf of Venezuela, the lower part of Orinoco) for iron ore reserves, the second in the region.

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