Высокие темпы строительства в

Mining Of Their Own Needs

Добыча общераспространенных полезных ископаемых в водоохранных зонах для производственных нужд может быть разрешенаDeputa Gosduma Georgi Karlov Invites further exemptions from the existing ban on the development and extraction of generalized minerals within the boundaries of water protection zones (art. 65, para. 15, of the RPF Water Code). The bill it has drafted is registered with the Lower House of Parliament.

In the view of the parliamentarians, these actions should be permitted if the development and extraction of general-extensive minerals is carried out with the aim of producing construction materials in the water-protected seas on the islands. In addition, citizens and entrepreneurs who extract minerals for their own production and technology needs may be entitled to these actions, in accordance with the legislation on the subsoil.

Remind me, the ban on intelligence and mining. Spatial Minerals Within the water-protection areas, the Water Code appeared in November 2013. It does not currently apply only to users of non-drugs engaged in the exploration and extraction of other minerals within the boundaries of their minerals and (or) geological discharges on the basis of an approved technical project (art. 65, para. 15, of the RF Water Code).

The width of the water protection zone is 500 m for sea, 50 m for lakes and reservoirs, and for rivers and streams depends on their length. For example, the width of the water protection zone for a river of up to 10 km is 50 m, 10 to 50 km is 100 m, 50 km and over 200 m (art. 65, sect. 8).

Can landlords use, for their own needs, common minerals at the site? Response "Encyclopedia of decisions. Contracts and other transactions." Internet versions of the GARANT system. Get full access for three days free!

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