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Kazakhstan Mining

The science and technology policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan at this stage focuses on the concentration of resources in the priority areas of economic development, as defined by the priority State scientific and technical programmes. Their implementation aims to increase economic efficiency, reduce the commodity focus of the industry, strengthen the country ' s export expansion and enhance its position on the external market, develop import substitutes through proactive innovation, improve the technical level of production, develop complete process cycles with finished products. The strategic objectives for the next decade are to maximize the traditional advantages of Kazakhstan, which include the exploitation of mineral resources.

Kazakhstan has commercial stocks of 3 black metals, 29 non-ferrous, 2 precious, 84 industrial minerals and energy. It should be noted that the world ' s attitude towards the commodity component of the national economy is not negative. This can be seen from the fact that 90 of the world ' s 200 largest companies account for more than 80 per cent of the total production. The world ' s largest mineral leaders are the United States, Australia, South Africa, Canada, China and Russia. High levels of economic development in most such commodity countries have been achieved through the intensification of the extraction and processing of their natural resources (Canada, Australia).

Kazakhstan is the world ' s largest producer of beryllia (1-4 seats), nibia, gallium, technical tallia, titanium lips (3 seats), rivers (1-5 places), uranium (7 seats), coal and silver (9 seats), zinc and glinos (10 seats). We have 45 per cent of the confirmed uranium reserves of the former USSR. In terms of the tantalum, the Republic ' s thiob is one of the CIS countries.

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