Fossil Mining

"Elevance is the absolute precision of the terrain,
Where this sample comes from. The collector recorded not only the name of the mine from where it came from.
This mineral, but even mine, not only the name of the village or village, but also the name of the plant, etc.
As a result, his specimens have become precise and clear documents, especially us valuable,
'cause it's about time they're left very little."

V.I. Vernadsky.

So now adding samples through the personal office. You can not only complete your mineral collection, but also participate in the development of a database on minerals of interest.

The extraction of minerals in Russia takes place in all theories. All deposits are administratively distributed. Such a distribution may not be a good one, for example, in the Chitinsk area, but this is not a mistake, it was just another administrative reform that threw it into the Zabaikal province, but all samples in consequence could be distributed on the map of Russia without additional costs for establishing an electronic geological map.

There's a mysterious and diverse world inside the Earth. mineral deposits♪ When you touch the stones with your hand, this amazing blank of miracles, it seems like you're talking to representatives of a different civilization hidden in the suburbs of the earth. Minerals are amazing creatures of nature, keeping information about the far past of our planet and the energy of the future.

The idea of wealth and luxury, vanity and glossom is emerging in the form of stunning colors. But you will refrain from the usual images, think about where it came from.
Imagine how in a far-reaching Africa, thousands of caravans run out of dark and unknown depths of the earth, raising the surface of the labor of people. Then, in huge mills of unspeakable and obscure masses, the greatness we love in the vitrines of jewelry stores.

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