Сера. Шор-Су, Узбекистан

Useful Fossil Uzbeks

Examples of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan ' s natural resources are diverse, great and conducive to economic development. The most important of these are:

In the industry, large mineral reserves (more than 2,700 deposits and promising manifestations of approximately 100 minerals);

In agriculture, large areas of fertile land, pasture, solar heat and light, large water resources;
In the field of tourism and recreation - gorgeous landscapes, favourable climate, sources of whole mineral waters.
The Republic of Uzbekistan is characterized by rich natural resources, high productive and mineral potential, unique agricultural raw materials and large amounts of semi-financial inputs from the processing process and developed infrastructure.

The country is rich in a variety of minerals. Depending on the composition and use of minerals in the economy, they are divided into metal, non-metallic minerals, fuel and energy resources and materials for construction materials.
In the suburbs of Uzbekistan, more than 2,700 deposits and prospective ores and various minerals have been identified, including about 100 minerals, of which more than 60 are already engaged in production. More than 900 deposits have been disposed of, with confirmed reserves estimated at $970 billion. USA. The total mineral potential is estimated at more than $3.3 trillion. USA
At present, the current level of mineral exploration is related to the development of the richest deposits of non-ferrous, noble and rare metals, all organic fuels: natural gas, oil and gas condensate, semi-cinegar and brown coal, uranium, potassium slans, many of the materials for construction materials.

There are huge gas and oil deposits in the suburbs of the Republic. Approximately 60 per cent of the country ' s territory is considered to be prospective. The major areas of natural gas are the Kaskadarin and Bukhara regions. Almost 3/4 of the natural gas produced in Uzbekistan is the Kaskadarin region.

Uzbekistan ' s far-reaching prospects for the development of the gas industry and the productions associated with the processing of natural gas and gas condensate.

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