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Duration Of Tax On Mining

Tax Mining 2016 the year is calculated on the basis of the specific type of natural resource, as well as the specificity of the calculation of the tax base and the established mineral rates. What sources of law can be used, and what are the algorithms of the NDPI to be paid in the budget?

Calculation of NDPI in 2016 (definition of tax): How do you get data?

The main sources of standards that can be used to calculate NDPI are:

  • Chapter 26 of the NCF;
  • Various by-laws and departmental acts explaining the provisions of the Russian Federation ' s NCF (e.g., the letter of the Russian Federation, No. SD-4-3/5327, indicating one of the ratios for the calculation of the oil NDPI for February 2016).

The provisions of chapter 26 of the NCF define the main elements of the tax in question:

  • The rates for each mineral and mineral for which payment is made;
  • Tax object;
  • Tax period;
  • Base;
  • Payment procedure;
  • Time frame and procedure for transferring NDPI to the budget.

We'll look at their specifics in more detail.

RFS mineral tax rates: how to determine

All the rates required for the calculation of NDPI are defined in the provisions of article 342 of NC FM, separately for the most common minerals produced by Russian firms. In particular:

  • oil;
  • gas;
  • Coal;
  • Metals;
  • Salt.

NDPI rates can be supplemented by different factors. For example, the tax paid for the oil production.

In general, the taxpayer calculates the coefficients on its own. However, they are sometimes listed in the departmental acts supplementing the provisions of the NCF, such as the above-mentioned letter from FNS No. SD-4-3/5327, which defines the Kz coefficient reflecting the dynamics of the exchange prices of black gold.

A complete list of natural resources and products identified as minerals for tax purposes under NDPI is listed in the sub-page. 1 - 16 p.m. 2 and 3 p.m. 3 The extracted fossils are the main subject of the NDPI tax. We'll study the specificity of this tax element in more detail.

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