Все золото мира

Mineral Gold

Какие бывают полезные ископаемые?A large proportion of minerals, mountain species, groundwaters and gases are used by humans. Sharing them into useful and useless fossils, of course, on a par. This depends not on the minerals themselves, but on the economic feasibility of their extraction. However, the term " useful fossils " has long entered literature and people ' s consciousness.

The most common minerals are oil, gas, coal, gold, diamonds, copper, nickel and others. Groups of metal, non-metallic and combustible fossils are distinguished. By their physical condition, they are solid, liquid and gaseous. Useful fossils are distributed depending on the mountain species formed under certain tectonic conditions. For example, oil, gas and coal cover the whole range of sediments; gold and diamonds in magmatical fields; stone salt in salt plate areas. The accumulation of minerals in one location is their deposits, manifestations or even deposits. Recognized and estimated accumulations Mineral Resources They think the deposits. They can be both industrial and non-industrial. Industry refers to deposits that are currently economically profitable and useful.

Metal minerals in the subsoils of the Earth is iron, manganese, chromium, gold, silver, zinc, copper, tin and other metals. They are all solid fossils, although there are exceptions. These include, for example, natural mercury in the form of liquid caps or even small mercury lakes.

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