снижению добычи полезных

Receipt Of Mining Licence

6.2. The geological study of the subsoil certifies the right to search and assess mineral deposits and facilities used for the construction and operation of non-mining underground facilities.

The licence for detailed exploration (detection) of mineral deposits is not granted separately, and the right to exploration is provided for in the mining licence.

The licence to geologically examine the subsoil only gives the right to study the type (or types) of minerals that is specified in the licence and does not give it priority to the owner to obtain a mining licence.

In the event that the prospecting and assessment process identified the deposit of a mineral useful beyond the licensed geological decommissioning process, the licensee ' s application and the absence of a licence from the licensee ' s licensee, the portion of the subsoil may be increased in such a way that it is fully located.

The owner of the search licence may, as they are carried out, revoke part of the allocated geological revocation with the corresponding recalculation of fees for the right to use the subsoil, by filing a written statement in the Russian Geolcom or its territorial unit. The application shall be granted effective 1 January of the following year if it has been received not later than 3 months before its entry, or from 1 July this year if it was received before 1 April of this year.

6.3. The mineral extraction licence gives the right to exploration and exploitation of deposits, as well as to recycling of mining and related processing plants, unless otherwise specified in the licence.

The license in question may be granted to develop the entire mineral deposit or its separate part. The development of one mineral deposit by different non-drill users should be based on a harmonized technology scheme that excludes the non-use of non-wood. The coordination of non-tar users ' actions is assigned to one of the enterprises that other enterprises trust in the performance of the focal point functions. This condition is fixed in the licences for the right to develop the deposit.

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