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In the Leningrad region, a sand quarry can be found in the area of fraternal graves and bloodshed near the village of Pervomai in the Choborg region. The first concerns were the situation of searchers in these forests, which still raise the remains of Soviet soldiers.

Sergei Zagatsky, commander of the search unit " Lake"
This is an extract from an agreement between Dorstro and the land administration committee, according to this document, the area where we find this hill top near the village of Pervomaysk, the territory being placed under a future sand career.

According to the documents, the 40s here were not the forest, but the village of Siaranmiaki. That's where the Karelski Val went. Finland 's reinforcements, tranches and anti-tank debts have been maintained. Unless it's a bit of a swelling and a blur. During the electoral offensive in June of the 44th Finns held defence, and the Soviet soldiers proceeded to the intrusion. 171 and 1 were taken at a cost of thousands of lives.

"This is the most indicative pattern. "The whole height is marked as a big brotherly grave."

All the fraternal graves on the maps of '44 have not yet been found. Despite the fact that search work is always going. There's too much space and too much space. Steps by step, searchers dig up the woods, every vortex and trench, so they don't miss any fighters. In only two weeks of September, the remains of 10 red-Armen were raised in these places.

Sergei Zagatsky, commander of the search unit " Lake"
As soon as the development of the career begins, along with the rest of the fortification structures, with the tranches, with all the things that are still reminiscent of the war, the monument will all go to the quarry, most likely to be smuggled into an unknown direction.

To stop the movement of bulldozers, there's no way that even this monument that came here more than 10 years ago at the initiative of Finnish and Russian historians. The Slave of Heroes on anti-tank dolls is not by accident in two languages. He was named a monument of reconciliation. For Finns, it's a pilgrimage and memory place, and Russian tours come here, but official documents don't mean it. In fact, it's just rocks in the woods.

Marina Chalapco, correspondent
Literally five kilometers from where blood fighting took place in the '44s, there's a sand career. Although three years ago, they say there were woods. It is hard to imagine that this might look like a place where hundreds of Soviet soldiers remain in fraternal graves and trenches.

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