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Characteristic Of Mining Equipment

The Original was taken from a colleague at the Brony, but there was a clip...
In connection with previous publications, " Watch-B " from ... Russian " booklets? " , concerning the problems with the quality of the armour used for the production of Ukrainian armoured equipment, identified by volunteers, which provided a Russian-language translation of the text and a copy of the Ukrainian official statement describing the offence in their view, a response from the Russian NLMK Group was received.

The picture of the "pole armoury" on the Lion Armoured Plant made by the volunteer.

We'll bring her in as received.

“Official statement by the NLM Group on Internet publications containing false information on the company

In connection with web-based publications that NLM steel is allegedly used in the production of Ukrainian armoured equipment, the following are officially declared:

" No NLMK group business, Russian or foreign, delivers or never delivers the bronestal to Ukraine. The Belgian company of the NLMK, NLMK Clabecq, mentioned in the publications, is supplying in dozens of countries of the world, i.e. Ukraine, the late steel Quard used for the production of mining, transport and agricultural equipment. The product in question does not meet the requirements for armoured vehicles and cannot be used for military purposes.

The company asks journalists not to print false information.

It can only be noted that the procurement schemes contained in the text " Watch-B " from ... Russian " bookies " on the Gitomir armoury factory have actually been confirmed.

Indeed, as it was written, the Russian manager could not even assume that Ukrainian entrepreneurs who purchased a number of intermediaries from Belgian NLMK Clabecq would be able to Issued products - " Large steel Quard " , for bronestal and use it not only for the " importation of Russian metal " , but even for the production of " new samples of Ukrainian armoured equipment " .

Problems with the Polish armour, on the surface of the Belgian-Russian metal, relate not only to the Lviv factory, but also to the Gitomirsky. However, if the cracks in articles can be explained by a breach of production technology rather than the quality of steel, many questions remain on the financial side of the transaction.

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