Незаконная добыча

Production Of General Minerals

The sand and the stone are rich too.

The Colums in the subsoil contain not only precious metals - gold and silver, but also so-called generic minerals, which are indispensable for the construction of houses, roads and bridges. The use of local raw materials reduces the cost of production by saving the costly delivery of materials.

Chief of Natural Resources, Victor PROKASIN.

In the Magadian State Balance, a total of 132 deposits of generalized minerals were taken into account, including 80 construction materials (pest and granular mixture, construction stones, ceramic raw materials, construction sand, stones) and 52 torphs.

In 2008, the Department issued 27 licences, including a sand-grab mixture of 23, a building stone of 3 for the architects-1. As a result of the licensing of non-drugs containing general minerals, 1,340, 4,000 roubles are listed in the regional budget, and 367,700 roubles in 8 months. Two licenses to use the subsoils of the OAO Magagandenergo and the Silver Magadan.

Work has been undertaken to prepare for auctions to provide subdistricts containing general minerals. On 1 September, two deposit auctions took place: a construction sand on the stream of the vesel (the Old Vecelya region) and a sand-gravy mixture of Seymchan.

Geological information is also being prepared on the location of the sand-grab mixture of the rum. The flogging and location of the building stone 1'Sredne-Uptarski (Optar region) for auctions in the fourth quarter of this year.

Recent years have seen positive developments in mining Spatial Minerals: 56,000 cubic metres in 2006. In 2007, 342, 6,000 cubic metres were produced, 3 million 198ths were paid to NDPI under 1 million planned. 796 thousand roubles.

In the 12 months of 2008, in Columé, 1,200,000 cubic metres of OIP (aced production of 650,000 cubic metres) paid taxes for the production of OIPs 6,246 million roubles and 2,000 roubles for planned. ♪

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