География и биология: 8 класс

Rossy Resource Map

Geothermal resources broadly understand Earth ' s deep heat reserves. They may be presented in the form of a pair, hot water, a natural raison d ' être, or as a result of artificial introduction into geothermal forms of gas, water and other liquids. Low- and high-potential geothermal resources also differ. The resource potential of geothermal energy is recognized as inexorable as solar or thermal power.

The share of geothermal resources in the fuel and energy balance of industrialized countries is between 5 and 10 per cent on average. The United States of America was the first to play, but countries such as the Philippines, Japan were already close. In Iceland, 80 per cent of the population heat their homes with geothermal heat.
Currently, up to 60 per cent of the geothermal resources used are used in palneology.

The identified reserves of geothermal waters with a temperature of 40 to 200 °C, mineralization of up to 35 g/l and a depth of up to 3,500 m in the territory of Russia can provide approximately 14 million m 3 hot waters per day, equivalent to about 30 million tonnes of imputed fuel (i.e.). For heat supply, 70/20 °C (in the numerator the temperature of the incoming and in the denominator of the heating-drilled) they are distributed to 95 per cent of the country ' s territory and 57 trillion tons, including in heating mode (90/40 °C), 69 per cent of the territory and 30 trill tons.

Geothermal waters are currently being exploited in the country on the island of Sahalin, the Camchatka peninsula and the Kuril Islands, the Krasnodar and Stavropol regions, the Republics of Dagestan, Ingushetia. The world ' s first geothermal power station (GeoES) - Pauguetsky - was built in the Soviet Union in 1965 in the south of the Kamchatka peninsula. It's still working and its power reaches 11 MW. After a significant interruption in the construction of geothermal power plants by other countries, a new Mutnovian geothermal station with 12 megawatts was installed in 1999.

Карта геотермальные ресурсы России

Unlike the rest of the country, the Kamchatka peninsula and the Kuril Islands are located in the area of modern volcanism, where thermal waters in limited areas and small depths have temperatures between 80 and 200 °C and above; the Camchatka peninsula has a famous Gaiser Valley with natural fountains from hot water and vapour.

In developing a map of geothermal heating resources, the geothermal energy resources of the entire territory of Russia for heat supply to a depth of 10 km were estimated. The assessment was made for the circulation technology for the development of windwater resources in temperature regimes, 70/20 °C and 90/40 °C.

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