Основные месторождения

Mineral Resources

The archangel region is rich in forest, water and has a federal mineral base for hydrocarbons, aluminium, diamond mining.


  • 5 mining enterprises for the development of solid mineral deposits,
  • 13 mineral extractive industries,
  • 71 enterprises development of deposits Spousal Minerals,
  • About 80 large and medium-sized forest organizations.

Forest resources

The forest of the Archangel region without the White Sea, the North Ledovet Ocean and the New Earth is 77.7 per cent. The total area of the forest fund is over 29 million hectares, of which some 20 million hectares are operational. The total forest breeding stock is 2,6 billion cubic metres, of which 2 billion cubic metres are ft. The species of trees, which are recognized as one of the best in construction, trees and pine, form the basis of the Arkhangel forest, 4/5 of the total forest area. The Territory has developed an ideal ecosystem for thousands of years, confronting severe climatic conditions. The high density of wood with thin annual rings is the main competitive advantage of the northern forest. The Armenian forest is strong, flexible, resistant to rotation, has high thermal insulation properties and is almost permanent. A total of 2,6 billion cubic metres of major forest breeders in the Archangel region. The total amount of the current calculation forest as at 1 January 2015 is 24,3 million cubic metres. The calculated forest, the maximum annual cut, is set to facilitate natural reforestation. The use of the calculation plant is within 50 per cent.


Bauxite ore fragment

There are 18 per cent of Russian boxing stock in the North Side. The production of boxers is carried out in the West Site of the Ixin Basin deposit (the non-Driver UAO " Severo-Onege Bauxite Mine " ). The market is used for the production of cement, fireworks and steel fluxes. The inventory recorded as at 1 January 2014 was 255 million tons.

Groundwater resources

Twenty-seven areas of drinking groundwater, eight mineral deposits (e.g. the famous Kurtyaev deposit) and three industrial water deposits, iodine and chloride sodium zoles, have been surveyed. Recognized freshwater storage is located in 17 administrative areas, mainly for the economic and drinking water of the population.

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