Location Of General Minerals

The list of general minerals of the Perm region has been approved/71p.

Spatial mineral deposits (ODI) are minerals, mainly in construction and agriculture.

The territorial balance of OIP stockpiles has been taken into account 299 construction deposits (including Komi-Permiac District) of 1,530 million m3.

Proportion of mineral reserves as a percentage is: gravian-pest mixture (20 per cent), construction sand (16 per cent), glina (12 per cent brick and keramzit), construction stone (33 per cent is limestone, boot stone, hambro diabazine), construction gips and anhydrith (11 per cent), lime stone and pink).

Also considered are OIP, 41 agro- fertilizer deposits and 485 peat deposits.

The quality of mineral deposits examined meets the requirements of the relevant GOSTs.

34 per cent of the deposits (excluding peat and agro-fertilization) recorded by the Global Fund, which are qualitatively and quantitatively estimated and represent 45 per cent of the total stock of construction materials.

The distribution of deposits across the Territory is uneven. In particular, deposits located in areas with a more developed infrastructure are required in the vicinity of transport routes approaching the proposed construction sites.

In 2015, 46 enterprises were extracted by OIP. The most stable is the following:

"Port Perm," "Chucking Company" Gravy Pest and Building Sand.
"Westuralnerud," "Preparation," "Vijai Kamier."
"AWISMA" (Carbonate torment incineration);

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