Активы: Лицензии на право


With regard to the question of accounting for actual mineral losses, actual losses are recorded only in direct method, as the difference between the estimated number of minerals that decreases the value of minerals and the quantity of actual minerals produced, determined at the end of the full technology cycle at the end of the full process cycle. minerals♪ In the indirect method, actual losses are included in the estimated value of minerals. Actual loss of minerals is taken into account in determining the amount of minerals produced in the tax period in which they were measured in the amount determined by the measurements.

However, the above Federal Act No. 151-FZ provides that the tax exemptions for NDPI in oil production for new deposits and deposits with 80 per cent or more are granted only when the number of oil extracted is directly accounted for, i.e. for each non-dry sector provided to the taxpayer for use.

Thus, in the preparation of oil from different parts of the subsoil, a taxpayer is not entitled to the NPI benefits provided for specific subdistricts.

However, according to article 338, paragraph 5, of the Code, for extractive minerals for which different tax rates are established or tax rates are calculated on the basis of the coefficient, the tax base is determined for each tax rate. Accordingly, the Code allows for the determination of the amount of oil to be taxed at a tax rate of 0 roubles for all parts of the subsoil if separate records are available. In the case under review, a direct method will be used for this purpose.

In connection with the entry into force of the Federal Act of No. 151-FZ, a direct method of determining the number of minerals produced may be changed to the accounting policy for which areas are not dilated and for what purposes (for the application of the tax rate of 0 roubles on any of the grounds or depreciating factor).

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