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Tax For The Extraction Of General Minerals

The region ' s budget increased by 15 million roubles as a result of subsoil auctions

The Minister of Property and Natural Resources of the Chelyabin Region, Alexei Babokov, participated in the Committee of the Legislative Assembly on Environmental and Environmental Management, which briefed the deputies on the Ministry ' s work in the area of the management and protection of the subsoil, informs the press service of the regional miniature.

Since the beginning of 2015, 195 local subdistricts have been approved in Southern Ural and over 170 licences have been issued for the right to use the subsoil.

" There were 13 auctions for the provision of deposits of generalized minerals for geological exploration, exploration and extraction. On the basis of the results of the bidding process, the regional budget was increased by 15 million roubles. "

Within the framework of regional geological supervision, 173 violations of the law on the subsoil were detected and 182 persons were administratively liable. The amount of fines imposed is 9 million roubles.

Geological exploration in Chelabin oblast has resulted in mineral growth, including a construction stone of 105 million cubic metres, a construction sand (including sand-grab mixtures) of almost 28 million cubic metres, a stone of 4 million cubic metres.

Also, Alexei Bobkov noted the positive trend in cash revenue from the tax on the tax Mining the consolidated budget of the area. " The strengthening of the Ministry ' s oversight and protection of mineral resources has resulted in organizations ' interest today in implementing legislation on non-exploitation. This ensures mineral growth, reproducing and rational use of the minerals base, added by the Minister.

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