добычу полезных ископаемых

Liability Of Mining

Высокие темпы строительства в Московском регионе делают добычу песка сверхприбыльным бизнесом. Фото: Григорий Сысоев/ТАССWhy is minerals more profitable than extracting illegally?

The high rate of construction in the Moscow region is the production of sand from a superficial business. Photo: Grigori Sysoev/TASS

Up to 7 million cubic metres of generalized minerals - sand, glynes, gravel - are illegally extracted in Podmoskovje.

And it's not a pessimistic figure yet: just a year ago, illegal copycats went around the law to get 16 million cubs of the same sand. How is that possible, given that the careers on which the extraction takes place are even visible from space?

Back to the career.

At the pace of construction in the Moscow region, production of commonly distributed useful Fossil is profitable. For example, the most sand-grabed material in the construction is worth 700 roubles per cubic metre. An average of 20,000 cubic metres is spent on the construction of one kilometre of a bipolar road. It turns out that only sand roadblocks pay 14 million roubles per kilometre.Фото: ООО Unofficial diggers can sell cheaper, and their products are bought - licensed sands are nothing different than stolen.

And licensing is a difficult process. The future career should be on the State balance as an inexpensive, otherwise it would be necessary to obtain permission and spend money on its geological study. An auction is then announced, which wins not only the right to non-exploitation, but also the duty to restore a career after all works have been completed. Not everyone is ready to collect documents, participate in auctions and, moreover, to reclaim land. According to the experts, the recovery of one career cost 200 to 300 million roubles. And without rehabilitating, an area that has tightened the rules of dysfunction on its territory now refuses to close the licenses issued.

Read as well.

"At last year, we managed to reduce illicit production by two, five times, and the number of non-drugs licensed increased from 21 to 89. But the law does not forbid landowners to produce the same sand on their land and for their own needs, and it is the Minister of Ecology and Environmental Management, Alexander Cogan. And that's what many people use, turning their own needs into a profitable business.

Yama is illegal.

According to the Pomoskova mini-environment, the existing licences for subsoil use are now 116. It's supposed to be no more careers. No. Every year, environmentalists detect several more dozen unaccounted pits. In 2014, for example, 39 illegal careers were found, in 2015 - 41.

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