Ремонт горно-шахтного

Repair Of Mining Hydros

PAO " Friendly engineering factory" , the largest producer of mining equipment in the CIS. The factory is monopolistic in Eastern Europe by type of mining equipment (mechanized anchorages, mine and mining wagons).

The day of the " Friendly engineering factory" was adopted on 29 April 1893: on that day, the Donetsk Society of Iron and Steel Production, which was founded by French industrialists, had laid down a foreign and steel factory on the banks of Krivo Torz in Druzkov. The launch was fast. In May, 1894, the first house was set up, and in 1895 the factory produced over 2 million pupils. In 1897, he entered the March kiln, the metal rolling and wires. The main product of the plant was the tracks. In 1895, 1,419 persons were employed in the factory and 2,908 in 1904. After the coup d ' état in Russia in October 1917, the factories in the Friendship were stopped and looted gradually. In August 1920, a single Toretz steel and mechanical factory specializing in the manufacture of mine and railway equipment was established at the Donetsk and Toretz plants. The war interrupted the work of the factory, but already in 1943, after the release of the Friend from the Fascist Occupiers, the engineering factory began to recover at the same location. By the beginning of 1945, the factory was fully restored.

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