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Asteroid Mining

Астероиды могут быть интересны металлургам

The Vice-Prime of Luxembourg, Etienne Schneider, invited the Russian colleague, Dmitri Rogozin, to consider the joint development of asteroids. We're talking. mining in space where Luxembourg could invest in money and Russia in technology. The experts said that it was possible to find them on asteroids and how else they could be used.

During the meeting of the vice-premiers of Russia and Luxembourg, which ended the previous day, apart from the European Union sanctions against Moscow and other pressing issues, a rather unusual topic was raised. Lucsemburz Etienne Schneider proposed to consider the joint development of asteroids. According to Commersantha, Schneider is counting on Russia, both in terms of attracting Russian space technology and in partnership with Russian companies, particularly Roscosmos, in developing a legal framework for enterprises that are interested in " cosmic prospects " .

“I don't think asteroid metal production is a matter of the near future.”

“One day, precious metals will end even in Russia, and they will have to be searched somewhere else” is the words of Schneider of the newspaper.

In early February, the Luxembourg authorities announced ambitious plans to extract rare metals on asteroids. Before that, the Asteroid Commercial Use Act and the Moon had been enacted only in the United States, but the Ministry of Economy of Luxembourg was planning to prepare a European legal framework for similar work.

Luxembourg is indeed a serious potential participant in such projects despite its small size. According to Schneider, his country was the third largest direct investment partner of Russia (the truth, mainly through the repatriation of money from Russian entrepreneurs).

" I have already told my friend that the chelabine metallurgs, the cool guys, have long been getting iron for their factories directly from the asteroids, were joking in response to a Luxembourg colleague, Rogozin.

The GLDD newspaper has decided to determine the feasibility of mining on asteroids.

Used as transport

According to Senior Scientific Officer of the Pulkov Observatory, Sergei Smirnov, in principle, asteroids may be of great interest not only to scientists but also to industry. This is not the first year of discussion.
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