Техногенная россыпь

Accounting For Mineral Production

Marker work in relation to mining and mineralsshall be made periodically, within the time limit specified by the relevant instructions and instructions.

The amount of mining and minerals recovered from open mining is calculated separately from excavation and mining. In order to calculate the volumes, techniques and methods of mountain geometry are used: arithmetical, vertical and horizontal sections, as well as by calculating the quantities of the correct geometric figures. The use of a method depends on the nature of the deposit, the means of extraction, the shape of the dumps, the types of survey, the marker documentation, etc.
Determination of the amount of excavation and the extraction of minerals is usually done with a view to monitoring the rapid recording of the discovery and mining activities.

The autopsy is accounted for by major, preparatory and operational work. In addition, capital works include entry tranches opening the location. Preparatory work includes the conduct of cut-offs and exits, as well as work on boarding of open assignments. The autopsy in the operation includes the marking of the sides on the mining horizons.

The autopsy shall be recorded in a timely manner by the number of wagons or cars loaded by the nature removed from the quarry. The marker control of the operational records shall be based on an autopsy record.
The amount of the autopsy is determined on the basis of an instrumental survey of the cracks at the beginning and end of the reporting period. The volumes of the autopsy are calculated by horizontal or vertical plots and profiles, which are usually based on work plans and scale 1:500.

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